Welcome to my new blog!

It’s official!  I have a blog. And I must say, after deliberating for more than a few months on a name, I am rather pleased with “Rhyme & Reason.”

Those of you who know me know I certainly love to rhyme…and often do, to the groans of my listeners! Perhaps more pressing these days is the need for reason.  I hope my new blog will be a life-giving avenue by which to thoughtfully (attempt to) share sound, gospel (biblical) reasoning with my many friends.

I welcome you to read my thoughts and share yours! 

My first blog series will follow along with my current sermon series, “Treasuring Christ At Christmas” (which is also being posted on-line soon-ish). So, look for my FIRST blog series later in the week…

Let the “Rhyme & Reason” begin…


About Brandon Durham

I love the sound of well-composed words, and especially words that ring true in the ears! For that reason, I love the Bible! God’s Word, in all of its glory, has a way of opening our eyes, causing our hearts to burn with wanting resonance. In a world of darkness, dissonance, and disbelief in God, Jesus sends out his disciples, armed with confidence that the truth of the gospel will conquer resistance, change lives, and, generally speaking, carry the day! To those great and exciting ends, I work to articulate crisp, gospel-centered rhyme and reason. “For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.” —Jesus, Luke 22:15
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3 Responses to Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Kevin Durham says:

    Glad your starting this blog! Look forward to your next post.

  2. Sarah Hammond says:

    Hey Bubba! Super pumped to keep up with you this way. I always love to read anything you write. Miss you and love you!

  3. John Little says:

    I now have one MORE way to give you a hard time!
    You’ve got a first-class mind in there. It’s past-time for everyone to see it.
    Now go, put some words together!

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