“Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.  They exchanged the truth of God for a lie…” Romans 1:24-25

I know what you’re thinking; no “Lent Season” is complete without a devotional on pornography.  If there was ONE thing for the church to give up during lent, this could be it!  The statistics on porn usage are mind blowing!

While the culture at large may celebrate (or at least tolerate) the boom of “internet porn” as further freedom in a world-wide sexual revolt, the truth remains that porn is sinful, selfish, and destructive.  Countless women and children are victims of porn production (yes, many of those smiles are forced, or drug-induced), while countless men (plus a growing crowd of women and children) are willfully enslaved to porn consumption.

Despite what the “experts” would have you believe, porn doesn’t enhance the love life of married (or unmarried) couples, and it doesn’t help make men out of boys.  Sex is a gift from God, and it’s good, or perhaps even, in the words of Tony, “It’s grrrrrrrreat!”  Pornography is evil because it distorts (lies about) God’s good gift of sex.

Viewing pornography is like walking into Burger King and being captivated by the false advertising of a “picture-perfect” “larger-than-life” hamburger (with perfectly melted cheese) displayed on a sign, only to be completely disappointed when you actually unwrap your burger and discover that it’s small, stale, and the cheese didn’t even melt!  But then again, even a “grrrrrrreat” burger pales in comparison to “Burger Porn.”  When men allow the “false advertising” of pornography to inform their idea of what a woman should look (and act) like, they will ALWAYS be let down by the real thing, because it’s impossible for REAL women to compete with FANTASY women of porn.  The idea of having sex with just one, imperfect, real woman (your wife) becomes stale and boring compared to the pornographic lie.  So, rather than enhancing your love life, you actually end up seriously disillusioned, your wife severely devastated (feeling inadequate), and God (who made BOTH you & sex) ultimately dishonored!  In the end, if you “have it your way” you lose.

Stay tuned for an answer to the porn problem…

Welcome to my new blog!

It’s official!  I have a blog. And I must say, after deliberating for more than a few months on a name, I am rather pleased with “Rhyme & Reason.”

Those of you who know me know I certainly love to rhyme…and often do, to the groans of my listeners! Perhaps more pressing these days is the need for reason.  I hope my new blog will be a life-giving avenue by which to thoughtfully (attempt to) share sound, gospel (biblical) reasoning with my many friends.

I welcome you to read my thoughts and share yours! 

My first blog series will follow along with my current sermon series, “Treasuring Christ At Christmas” (which is also being posted on-line soon-ish). So, look for my FIRST blog series later in the week…

Let the “Rhyme & Reason” begin…